November 26, 2017

Lagom is a Swedish word, that describes the traditional Swedish way of life. It means to be perfectly balanced, to not have too much of something, as well as not too little. I personally try to live Lagom, not only when I put my outfits together, but also in my daily routine. Often, there is a lot going on in my life, many things happen at the same time. For instance, since I started my studies at University, I realized, that I do not have as much time for my hobbies, friends and family anymore. Though, I somehow must manage to keep all these things going. To be able to give your best in these situations, I realized, that it is important to frequently take a time-out and to keep looking out for yourself. It’s important to feel comfortable and self-confident, especially when you are in a stressful phase. My favorite things to do in such moments are yoga, spending time with loved ones, get some fresh air or take a relaxing bath.



When it comes to the perfect aromatic and relaxing bath I use the products from Barnängen. I recently discovered the Sauna Relax Shower & Bath Gel from their Nordic Rituals line. For me, it has this unbelievable energizing as well as relaxing effect and helps me escape from the stressful reality.


You can get the products from Barnängen at Manor, Coop City, Müller and Loeb.



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