October 5, 2017


The colder days have arrived again and we all have to change our wardrobe by getting out our winter jackets. The amount of daylight is decreasing. Leaving the house early in the morning is slowly getting more difficult and coming back home in the evening, when it’s dark isn't much better. But, there are a few things that I absolutely love to do when the winter breeze dashes across the country. First is having a warm bath, secondly listening to good music and just giving myself a time-out. Taking care of myself, my body, especially during the cold, dry winter days is important. It is essential to keep your skin moisturized and switch to the right daily care.



I’m a huge fan of the bodycare line by Barnängen. Among a relaxing shower gel and bodycare oil, Barnängen also launched a really caring body lotion, which is my favorite. The products are inspired by the Scandinavian traditions & lifestyle. Because of their fresh and vivid flavors they are giving me a feeling of warmth and sunny weather even during the coldest and darkest winter days. - Mary


In cooperation with Barnängen







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