July 26, 2017

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I recently did an interview with nobody's child! Read the entire story below!



 - Meet Mary: There’s ‘Definitely’ Something About Her -


"Kept a beady eye on our social channels this summer? Then you’ve probably noticed a certain Swiss Instagrammer popping up here and there. Tall, dark hair, nearly always wears the kinda’ vintage hat you’ve been scouring the flea markets for since, like, forever. Yeah, that’s her! Mary, FYI, and there’s definitely something about her.


Last month, we had the absolute plesh’ of shooting Mary in some of her fave NC summer pieces, and since then, the queen of cat-eye shades has only gone and breezed past the 100k mark on Instagram (just something she does in her spare time, mind). So we thought we’d catch up with her again, and get the full 411 on all things Mary L Jean, including where the rest of summer’s taken her, her tips for up-and-coming instagrammers, and why she’s decided not to pursue a fulltime career in blogging…" 





NC – So what brings you to the UK this summer?
Mary – I’m here for a language course to improve my English in preparation for an exam I need to take in order to become a teacher.



NC – Is teaching something you’ve always wanted to do?
Mary – Yes! When I was a kid, I taught maths to my younger brothers and showed them how to write. I even set them homework and organised exams – I really enjoyed it! Lol





NC – How will you still find time for blogging?
Mary – I’ve still been at school these last few years and so have been blogging during my free time at the weekends and stuff. So I guess I’ll just continue to do that and see how it works out.



NC – Any reason why you’re not pursuing blogging as a full-time career?
Mary – Taking pictures and creating cool creative content is one of my favourite hobbies. I want to continue to look forward to it every day without becoming financially dependent on it 


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