November 22, 2016


As the weather gets colder and the daylight shorter we tend to spend more time at home. I just moved in to my new apartment and I would love to show you around!


First of all I was looking for something charming, not too modern, with high ceilings and I definitely wanted herringbone parquet floors in as many rooms as possible. So, as soon as I stepped foot into this property, I knew it was something special. The whole atmosphere was very welcoming, warm and cozy. The interior as well as the exterior is from the art nouveau period.


Because I was always interested in interiors I started collecting pieces before I even had my own apartment. Whenever I stumble across something appealing and affordable I simply purchased it. Lots of people would probably do it the other way around but it just always felt right. After having all the furniture at the right spot I decided to add some plants, which I believe make a room a lot more decorative in a natural way. 


 I love to just kick back, listen to vinyls and just draw whatever is on my mind.



I found it really important to have a large dining area, so that all my guests have a spot to sit.



I never really cared about mattresses, but I must say, I never slept better before thanks to my Emma Mattress



I can't explain why, but I got a weird obsession with chairs, especially armchairs. I actually have way to many already but I still continue buying them. Btw I designed and made these two above myself.




The latest addition to my chair collection available at Westwingnow.ch






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