June 4, 2016

These moments often happen at quiet places out in the nature, when I live for the moment and everything around me disappears, inhale pure positivity, let go of my thoughts and focus on myself.


As you might know I was born and raised in Switzerland, I am lucky to live right next to a beautiful forest. To me forests are places of rest and relaxation. That’s why I often go there for a hike or to have picnics in the high grass to temporarily forget about the stressful everyday life.


Time stops and I become one with the nature surrounding me and I fall into a dreamy state.

I have time to think about my dreams, plans and most importantly I can find inner peace.


I realized that I can only reach these beautiful moments, once I’m free of negative thoughts like stress and fear. As soon as I have found my inner peace, I’m able to enjoy my life even more and everything seems way more peaceful.


Since then, my life has changed in a more positive way. To me, taking time for yourself every now and then is very important. 


Wearing: Calvin Klein class watch










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