February 14, 2016


Last week my grandma invited me over for dinner. It was such a cozy and beautiful evening! We ate a lot, talked a lot, looked at so many pictures of my grandmothers childhood and also found some pictures of my dad as a teenager. It was really funny and exciting to see all those crazy attires and haircuts from the past years.


I thought to myself how important it is, to hold on to these moments and memories. We can catch moments in life, which we will never forget! Photos are really valuable! When I was younger my mom created so many photo albums of me and my brothers and now I really enjoy thumbing through them over and over again! Nowadays our life is strongly influenced by digital mobile devices, which isn't bad, but we basically only catch our beautiful moments with our mobile phones and never have an actual, physical version of it. 


That’s why I decided to order printed polaroid pics of my favorite memories similar to what my mom and grandma used to do!

I ordered the photos on the Polapix app, which allows you to easily create polaroids from pictures you take with your phone or even directly from your Instagram!


If you want to order some of your favorite pictures as polaroids download the “Polapix” app, use the discount code “StylePix4You”  ,get free shipping and additionally two Polapix for free!


Don’t forget about your favorite moments and order your polaroid pictures now - Mary


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