August 8, 2015

Hey guys, how are you doing? Currently we got this heat wave here in Switzerland and it just won't stop. Actually, we are not suppost to complain, lol cause this is very rare in our usually cold country. Anyway, since its unbelievably hot outside Mary and I are often on the road, driving to different lakes. Just recently we drove across this pretty farm on the countryside. A very big thank you to Brandy Melville for all the awesome clothes we were able to shoot there. 


By the way, maybe you've already noticed, we switched up our blog feed a little bit. Let us know what you think!  Till soon - Mary & Phillip




Mary: Top and denim jacket by Brandy Melville, Forever 21 culottes, Topshop sandals


Phillip: H&M long sleeve t-shirt, Allsaints flannel shirt, Topman jeans, Redwing Boots















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