I was born in Switzerland after graduating from high school I moved to Los Angeles and attended Santa Monica College majoring in Interior design. Currently I am back in Switzerland and working at Guivre. 

Instagram: @PhillipJaeggi


Born and raised in Switzerland, I am presently getting my high school degree. I have been blogging for the past 4 years on Instagram. Whenever I took pictures I felt like I wanted to share them with the world thats how i discovered my passion for blogging. 

Instagram: @MarylJean


Welcome to our fashion and travel blog. It was always something we both had in mind and someday wanted to do. Considering that either of us has a passion for fashion and going places we came up with the idea of creating this blog. Our posts are oriented on giving you ideas and hopefully inspire your wardrobe as an individual, as well as looking cool and fresh as a couple. Since the day we have met we have not only fallen in love with each other but also with the fact that our style and taste has a lot of similarities and we could therefore create a blog to share our outfits, thoughts and more with the world.